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Lighting Control Systems

What to expect

Well-executed lighting can change our mood, help us work and help us relax. Our bespoke lighting and lighting control systems are carefully designed to do just that, and have been used to enhance the feel and function of homes, ranging from listed stone buildings to contemporary penthouses.

We focus on three main areas:

  • Simplicity – We persistently receive positive feedback that our lighting systems are easy to use, to ensure that you are happy with and confident using your lighting control systems.
  • Lighting design – We try our best to ensure that we provide the correct lighting scenes for you depending on how you like prefer your lighting.
  • Lighting control system – Within lighting control systems, the amount of automation that can be delivered is endless. For example, the dimmable spot lights external to your house will turn on at a dim level after sunset each day to provide your home with a beautiful lighting display.

The Process

The experience created by our designers centers solely around you. The way you use your home is central to how you light it and, with access to thousands of fittings and styles, we can make every space in your home a functional and relaxing space. We can also show-off the outside of your home with exterior architectural lighting, and automate your lighting to provide house-wide control at the touch of a button. When travelling, you could put your home into holiday mode, holiday mode can be activate at any time locally or even remotely. Holiday mode will automatically turn on the selected lights onto a low voltage to make your home look accompanied.

Our Services

There are two key elements to our lighting systems: lighting design and a lighting control system. To provide our customers with the best lighting systems for their home we first need to understand your interior design scheme and how you and your family wish to use the space. Our in-house lighting designer will then provide an initial scheme based on these requirements, suggesting suitable light fittings and of course a lighting control system whether it be for a single room or a whole house system. Our service follows the process from start to finish, including custom design by our in-house designers, acquisition from well-known suppliers and installation using directly-employed, highly-trained professionals. Get in touch for more information and to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch either by phone or email to arrange a discussion or book an appointment for a meeting. Alternatively, you can fill the contact form on our contact page telling us a little about your project.

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